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TechAbly, as you might already know by now, is a blog meant for sharing useful tech related information with all others for free.

This blog was started in on the Blogger platform, and it has been a great journey so far, we’ve learned so many things since then about SEO, Internet Marketing, and Web development that we also share from time-to-time here on the blog.

What does “TechAbly” means?

It’s just two words: tech and ably. Assuming you already know what the first term (tech) means, “ably” means to do things skillfully. So the complete meaning that should be derived from the word “techably” is doing tech skillfully.

Why and how do we started up

It started as a hobby. It’s still a hobby, but it greatly helped us to understand the internet and the blogosphere.

Thanks to our friend Mrinmay Bhattacharjee who helped us setting up a domain name that time (and Web hosting later). That is how we started TechAbly.

Resources we use

These are a few amazing things that makes our life so easy to run this blog:

  • WordPress, the most powerful CMS to publish the blog.
  • Feedburner, to let you subscribe to blog updates.
  • Namecheap, as the web host and the domain registrar. Well-reputed company with amazing service and support.

The thoughts, ideas, things, or techniques we share here are based on our personal experience, researches, and interests.

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