There are times when you want the thumbnails of a YouTube video to post – to use it in your blog posts, post it on your Facebook page etc. I noticed that many users go for a ‘Print Screen’ screenshot of the video and then cut it to get thumbnail out of it. It’s a way lengthy process.

Do you know that YouTube automatically generates some default thumbnails of every video uploaded to it? This post is actually a tool that can help you get YouTube video thumbnails instantly, without having to process screenshots or use another random software tool on your computer.

In order to use TechAbly YouTube video Thumbnails generator, follow the below directions:

  1. Enter the URL of the YouTube video in the ‘Paste your YouTube video URL here..’ field
  2. Click the ‘Generate Thumbnails’ button. You’ll see the thumbnails of the video immediately after pressing the button.
  3. Click a thumbnail to get the image URL to use for your work, or right click and save it to your disk.

TechAbly YouTube Thumbnail Generator