Since when I have started developing with WordPress, I am experimenting regularly to develop custom-built themes and plugins – which you may also have noticed here on this blog. We all know about WordPress, it is the most commonly used Blogging software around the world, and of course, it provides facilities better than any other Blogging platform.

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Today, developing a WordPress theme from scratch is not a big thing to do, as you have many tutorials available on Web to DIY. This post is for those who are just beginning with WordPress development, and want a very quick overview about the anatomy of a WordPress theme, it’s basic functioning, template structure and basic functions.

Have a look at the below given really informative Infographic which describes the anatomy of a WordPress theme very well, covering the significance of different files like index.php, header.php, single.php, page.php etc. in a WordPress theme.

Along with this, I highly recommend you to read some important tutorials to avoid further mess-ups on designing or coding a WordPress theme from scratch. Here is a simple one to start with:

You should also check out 10 Most important WordPress CheatSheets to know more about different WordPress functions, hooks and files.

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