Dynamic Content Sliders are everywhere these days. The best part of these content sliders is their minimal space usage to slide / scroll the content. You can also highlight the best content on your site using content sliders. If used correctly, they can provide an electrifying look to your website.

If you are on WordPress, you have advantages as always – it’s all because of plugins. I noticed that people usually demand a good WordPress content slider with thumbnails to display featured posts on their website or blog – and it is no hassle just because of some great plugins. Take a look at the below given 10 WordPress slider plugins which comes in handy to integrate a Featured Content Slider to a WordPress based website:

  1. Slide Deck
    slidedeck wordpress plugin download
    SlideDeck is a popular plugin that provides plenty of options to display rich content on WordPress based websites. It provides a user friendly interface, you can add slides just like you write posts on WordPress – the plugin works within the easy-to-use WordPress interface and allows you to post a slider live in a few minutes. You can modify slider dimensions, animation speed, the order of slides etc. anytime as per your need.
    Slide Deck WordPress Plugin Demo and Download »
  2. vSlider
    vslider wordpress plugin download
    vSlider makes use of jQuery to create fading and sliding image slide show of specific images on your WordPress website. It makes use of the core WordPress jQuery library by making it very tiny in size (about 20KB). It can use images from the custom fields of your posts and pages and can also scan a specific category (for example: your featured category) to feature in the slider. You can also add your own images in the slider and link them to specific post.
    Demo Download vSlider WordPress Plugin »
  3. Smooth Slider
    smooth slider wordpress plugin download
    Simple plugin to assign posts as featured items on WordPress based sites and then create a slideshow of those item. Slideshow can be shown at any location of the website. It allows you to choose posts and pages for featured items on single click with a simple but decent slideshow. It also provides shortcode usage and a sidebar widget.
    Demo Download Smooth Slider for WordPress »
  4. WordPress Content Slide
    wordpress content slide wordpress plugin download
    Content Slide Plugin uses jQuery to create a fading image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. It also provides customizing options like slideshow size, color, style and more.
    Demo Download WordPress Content Slide Plugin »
  5. WP Featured Content Slider
    featured content slider wordpress plugin download
    With WP Featured Content Slider, you can pick a feature image for every single post / page which will be automatically cropped to the right resolution using WordPress built-in thumbnail function. You can also adjust and customize slideshow effects, timeouts, image size, slider dimensions and more. To put it in the slider, you just need to choose “Feature in WP-Featured Content Slider” by editing that post or page.
    Demo Download WP Featured Content Slider »
  6. Coin Slider 4 WordPress
    coin slider 4 wordpress plugin download
    Coin Slider Plugin implements jQuery Coin Slider plugin to bring it’s awesome effects on WordPress. It slideshows your featured posts images and rotates them using unique effects. Its an easy to use plugin, all you need to do after it’s installation and activation is put a single line of code to bring it in action (read more in the plugin installation section).
    Demo Download Coin Slider 4 WordPress »
  7. Featurific
    featurific wordpress plugin download
    Featurific WordPress plugin display the featured posts slideshow automatically by making use of XML. It automatically generates the data.xml file required to drive the plugin. It is also integrable with the WordPress.com Stats Plugin to select most popular posts and allows extensive customization options such as the number of posts to display, post selection type, screen duration, auto-excerpt length, etc.
    Demo Download Featurific »
  8. Easing Slider
    easing slider wordpress plugin download
    This plugins comes with many options that allow you to choose different sources to get the images from for the slideshow. It also provides multiple styling options without have to edit any files directly.
    You can pick images for the slider from custom fields from a particular category, custom fields from all categories or the selected images from the plugins “Custom Images” section.
    Demo Download Easing Slider WordPress Plugin »
  9. WP Coda Slider
    wp coda slider wordpress plugin download
    WP Coda Slider plugin implements jQuery Coda-Slider v2.0 plugin to bring the typical Coda-like sliding effect on your WordPress. It provides shortcodes usage to place the slider, the related JS and CSS files will only be called on the pages making use of the shortcodes. It is fully optimized not to conflict with other plugins on your WordPress and won’t add unnecessary JavaScript files to your site.
    Download WP Coda Slider Plugin »
  10. Featured Content Gallery
    featured content gallery wordpress plugin download
    Completely customizable and very easy to integrate. Just choose “Automate the plugin” and add a custom field to each post or page you want to display in the featured slider. An auto-generated thumbnail will appear in the upper carousel followed by the title and first few lines of page or post text. You can also go through advanced options to add custom thumbnails, text, gallery styles and transitions to the slider.
    Demo Download Featured Content Gallery Plugin »

So, which one of the above is your favorite? Also see track WordPress search queries with Google Analytics and how to make wordpress faster.