Facebook automatically notifies you when someone likes your Facebook page. It is quite simple to know who is the person through your page notifications. But sometimes, you may want to take a look at your Facebook fans one more time, and you try to do that by clicking the number of likes on your page. But you end up with a friends-only list who liked the page.

Facebook fans Friends-only list

Then how to know all those who have liked my page? Is there a way to do that? Yes! Just read on and know how to.

See a list of people who like your Facebook page

Starting off, type the name of your page in the Facebook search box, and then click the “See more results for Your Facebook Page“.

Facebook Graph Search

Now, look for your page, and hove it and click the “Liked By” button on there.

Facebook page 'Liked By' button

Whoa! Here you are with the list of all the fans who liked your Facebook page! Isn’t that so easy? Enjoy.