WhatsApp allows you to block people in your contacts, and you can use this option when someone is irritating and annoying you again-and-again. Similarly, others in your contacts can also block you.

You might be interested in knowing who blocked you on WhatsApp? WhatsApp do not provides any blocking information for contacts officially, as it violates the individual privacy. There is no perfect way to detect the block, but here are a few things you should see in order to know that:

  • No “last seen at..” or “online” status in the chat window of a contact.
  • Your sent message to a contact always show only the message sent icon or single check mark, and don’t show the message delivered icon or double check mark.
WhatsApp Check marks

If you notice the above two things about a WhatsApp contact, there are strong chances of you’re being blocked by that contact on WhatsApp. Pretty easy!

It’s not necessary that these two things always points at a block. But still, if you have a doubt, you can bring these two things into your consideration of investigating a block.