You can use online Watermark generator tools to watermark your images online. But if you don’t have a regular internet connection or if you’re not satisfied with the options available in online tools, you can do it offline by yourself in Adobe Photoshop. Yes, you can create a custom watermark in Photoshop using this simple Tutorial.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is the name or the signature of the owner on the photo/image. Putting a watermark on your photo / image will serve you in terms of:

  • Copyright
  • Source protection
  • Promotion / Advertisement

Creating custom Watermarks in Photoshop


  • Adobe Photoshop (any version, I used CS2)
  • Of course, the photo / image to be watermarked

Follow the below given steps to add Watermarks to your images in Photoshop:

  • Open your photo / image in Photoshop. You can simply do it by right clicking the image, select Open with and click Adobe Photoshop from the list.
    watermark images in photoshop
  • Click on Text tool on the tool menu or simply press t on your keyboard. Now click where you want the watermark. This will bring a blinking cursor. Write your name or your website URL or whatever you want to put as watermark. You’ll see a text layer will be created. After writing your watermark text, click on the so created text layer. You can move this text too, with the Move tool which can be selected by simply pressing v. Move the text accordingly.

    I’ve used AllStar4 font in this tutorial. You can do the same with Arial, Georgia or others fonts you have in your Photoshop.

    watermark images in photoshop

  • Now, set the opacity of your so created text-layer to 55%. Press return key.
    watermark images in photoshop
  • Keeping the text-layer selected, Go to Layer » Layer Style » Stroke. Refer below given screenshot.
    watermark images in photoshop
  • Now, set the following values in the Stroke style.
    watermark images in photoshop
  • You’ll see your text become semi-transparent as shown in below image. I added a URL section on the right following the same steps with our Copyright Layer. You too may add such additional text sections by just modifying font-size.
    Result / Output

You can discover more by modifying other font, color, opacity and style settings and positions of your text layers. For a change, you may use symbols, shapes or your logo also. Below, I used a copyright symbol and changed the positions of text-layers.

watermark images in photoshop

If you want to watermark the same thing on your images, you may create an action in Photoshop to save the above steps we followed to create the watermark. Now, everytime you need to watermark an image, just open it in Photoshop, run that action, watermark on the go!

You may also consider these online Watermark generator tools to Watermark your images.

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