People upload there personal photos as well as professional works on Facebook, and it would be no surprise if they notice others stealing their pics from Facebook.

If you’re fed up of stealing of your photos on Facebook, you might be looking for a solution to put your ownership information on your pics. Watermarking photos before uploading is the right way to stop image theft on Facebook to an extent.

Add Watermark to photos before uploading on Facebook

People generally install Watermarking software in order to watermark their pics. But I know some very useful online tools to do so. Here are those really handy online Watermark tools that will help you to add watermarks to your photos in a few minutes or seconds.

What should I put as Watermark? It could be your Facebook profile URL (eg., your name, or a logo of your website if you have one.

Watermark existing Facebook photos with Watermarquee

A service called Watermarquee allows users to add watermark to their Facebook photos (not sure about saving the image to the same location or as a copy). I haven’t tried it, but have gone through their article claiming the same thing.

Also, they offer this feature in their Pro service (paid), you may contact the service if you’re not sure about that. Alongside, it’s yet another free tool that you may use to watermark photos before uploading to Facebook.