Vodafone provides a good bunch of services to it’s prepaid users many of which are activated, interpreted, and deactivated by dialling USSD code numbers.

There may be times when you want to activate or remove a certain service on your Vodafone prepaid connection, but for that you won’t call customer care as it’s a tedious task to do.

For instance, you have an SMS plan activated on your Vodafone number, and don’t know how to check remaining SMS and valid days for your pack, all it takes is dialling a small sequence of numbers and symbols, and everything will be at your disposal.

In such a case, you won’t look back in your SMS archives to find out that service USSD, but in case you look it up on the internet, this guide is just for you my friend.

USSD Codes for Vodafone Customer Care

  • Dial 111 or 198 to register a complain
  • Dial 199 or 9811098110 to talk to a customer care executive
  • Dial 1909 for activation or deactivation of DND service
  • Dial *111*2# or *8888# or 164 to know your own Vodafone prepaid numnber

USSD Codes for Vodafone Prepaid Talktime Balance and Validity

  • Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone using *131*<transfer amount><receiver’s vodafone number>#
  • Check all the balances (eg. talktime, internet usage, tariffs, last 3 deductions) by dialling *199*2#
  • Check main account balance by dialling *141# OR *111#
  • Check internet data balance by dialling *141*9# OR *111*6#
  • Check interent data usage by dialling *111*6*2#
  • Check SMS balance by using *142# OR *156#
  • Check special voice call pack balance using *145#
  • Check free minutes balance by using *148#
  • Check free night minutes balance by dialling *157#
  • Check Vodafone-to-Vodafone night minutes by dialling *147#
  • Check your prepaid connection’s validity by using *146#
  • Activate call rate cutter plan (10p/min) by dialling *121*10#

USSD Codes for Vodafone Data Packs

Dial the following USSD numbers on your Vodafone prepaid number for:

  • *111*2*2# for 2G/3G/4G internet data packs
  • *121*05# for 1 day 2G (GPRS) data pack
  • *121*14# for 3 days 2G data pack
  • *121*25# for 7 days 2G data pack
  • *121*49# for 15 days 2G data pack
  • *121*98# for 1 month 2G data pack
  • *123*8# for night 2G data balance
  • *444*5# for 2G/3G internet data only for 1 day
  • *444*8# for 20MB 3G data plan (Rs. 8)
  • *121*851# for 5GB 1 month 3G data plan
  • *121*1251# for 8GB 1 month 3G data plan

You can also SMS GPRS to 144 for 2G data balance.

USSD Codes for other Vodafone services

  • Get Vodafone special tariff packs by dialling *145#
  • Get Account Information update by *111*11#
  • Get the Vodafone value combo by *123*2#
  • Get Vodafone alerts by dialling *123#
  • Dial 5525 or 54206090 for Vodafone hello tunes
  • Dial *147# for Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes
  • Dial *121# for Vodafone Special Offers
  • Dial *123*1# for Movie Masala Alerts
  • Dial *111*6*2# for Usage Allowance Details
  • Dial *111*7# for Vodafone Bonus Card
  • Dial *111*1# for Vodafone Delights

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