Facebook allows it’s users to hide their friends list from others including friends. In other words, you may control the visibility of your friends list to the public by tweaking your account’s privacy settings.

Believe it or not, most of the Facebook people want to peep into their friends’ timeline secretly to see/spy what he is actually upto. A general scenario could be: Ms. A spying on her boyfriend Mr. X on Facebook as she wants to know whom he is friends with.

There can be more (weird) scenarios, and such peeping can be good or bad depending on the situation. You know what I’m saying—I leave it on you to decide.

Lets come on to the technical stuff: what if your that friend has set all that data to private mode by turning public visibility down to “Only me”? Truth is; you can’t see all of your FB friend’s hidden data but his friends list.

Hack(s) to see locked friends list on Facebook

Facebook itself can help you to discover hidden Facebook friends list. I’m sharing two such solutions—in case if the first one doesn’t work, you may try the other one.

Assuming you are logged into your Facebook account, follow the below steps:


  1. Navigate to the Friend finder page.
  2. In the right sidebar that says “Search for Friends”, scroll-down to the Mutual friends section.
  3. Now type the name of that friend of yours whose friends list you want to see. This may sound a bit funny, but still let’s call him/her as target. As you start typing, a dropdown will appear containing friends with that name. Select your target from the list.
    Mutual friends trick to see hidden FB friends list
  4. When you select the target from the dropdown list so obtained, it should automatically load a list of mutual friends on the left side. That was all you needed!

Someone has already complained that this trick is not working with some profiles. If you too didn’t find it working, skip to the next solution.


This one is 100% working as of now, but will require you to know/guess at least one mutual friend of your target. Note that it won’t show the complete friends list, but the list of common friends of these two individuals.

Let us call these two people as ‘X’ (the target) and ‘Y’ (target’s mutual friend) to avoid chaos.

  1. You now need to collect the Facebook IDs of X and Y. Don’t worry, it’s easy: just go to the timeline of X and observe the end of the URL in the address bar. The URL will read something like: http://www.facebook.com/YOUR_TARGET. Here, YOUR_TARGET is the ID. Similarly, grab the ID of Y too. Lets say it’s FRIEND_OF_YOUR_TARGET
  2. Now use this URL to view the mutual friends of X and Y: https://www.facebook.com/YOUR_TARGET/friends?and=FRIEND_OF_YOUR_TARGET
View hidden Facebook friends lists

Above is the screenshot of what I got with this trick. I wasn’t spying on anyone, it’s just for demonstration purpose. Hope it helped you to learn something new, I’ll keep you posted on more tricks (if exist) on the same topics. Thanks for your presence here :)