Pinterest is asking website owners to verify their sites. Why one should verify it’s site on Pinterest? The simple and clear-cut answer to this question from Pinterest itself is: “
Verified sites show up on profile and in search results
“. But let me say this, it’s actually a pure dofollow link from Pinterest you get after the site verification. Now, it’s pretty obvious to verify you sites and blogs there ;)

The Pinterest site verification procedure is quite simple, just edit your profile, look for “Verify Website” option and follow the instruction. Basically, you’ll need to upload a verification file provided by Pinterest in the root of your website. The rest of the procedure is simple.

But what about those who have blogs on Blogger blogs don’t have a “root access” like we have with self-hosted blogs and websites. The rest of the tutorial shows how you can verify your Blogger or blogspot blog sites over Pinterest without hassle.

Step-by-step procedure to Pinterest-verify Blogger blogs

First off, edit your Pinterest profile by clicking that pencil icon as shown in the below screenshot.

Editing Pinterest profile

Now, come down and click Verify Website button, but make sure you’ve listed your website or blog URL in the Website textbox there.

Pinterest website verification option

You’ll be shown with a button to download verification file. Since Blogger don’t provide blog owners a “site root” folder, we are going to utilize another verification option for Pinterest – we’ll verify our blog with a meta tag. For that, you’ll need to click Verify with a meta tag link, and then copy the meta tag code so generated. Keep this Pinterest window opened since we have to come back here to verify our blog.

Pinterest verification through meta tag

Now, sign into your Blogger Dashboard, edit HTML of your blog template, paste the copied meta tag just after the <head> tag, and save the template.

Verifying Blogger blog on Pinterest

Now, go back to Pinterest and click the red button saying “Complete Verification“.

Completing Pinterest verification

Congratulations! You’ve successfully verified your Blogger blog at Pinterest!! Hope you liked this small guide, for more Pinterest Tutorials, follow us on Pinterest.