Have you thought of using Facebook without Internet on mobile? It would be handy for Facebook users who don’t use Multimedia and GPRS/EDGE/3G enabled mobile phones. People want to use Facebook without data plan, in case if the they don’t have Internet access on mobile.

I remember that I have a good discussion with friends on how to use Facebook on mobile without internet? Now I have a better answer to this question – Yes, you can use Facebook without Internet on your phone. It’s all due to the Facebook India partnership with Fonetwish to bring Facebook on every mobile without any app or data plan usage.

Use Facebook without Data Plan on your Mobile

This new innovative service from Facebook and Fonetwish supports every phone no matter how much old it is. To use Facebook on your phone without Internet in India, just dial *325# (or *fbk#) from it. Dialing *325# on your phone will subscribe you to Fonetwish, which will enable you to access Facebook easily.

access facebook on mobile without data plan

After dialing *325#, you’ll receive a display message (just like it appears when we check balance on mobile phones) containing a Welcome message from Facebook (#2).

– If you have registered your mobile number with Facebook, it will automatically show your Facebook Name (#3) followed by enter password message. Just reply or answer this by entering your password. In case you want to login using your email ID, reply with 2 (as shown in the screenshot) which will return a username prompt for you (#4). Reply with your username.

– Next appears the password prompt, reply with your Facebook password (#5).

– After the authentication, it will show up your Facebook Home (#6). You can see options like News Feed, Update Status, Post on Wall, Friend Request, Account Settings etc. preceded by certain numbers and symbols (like 1,2,3..*,#) to perform the particular action. You can see Logout and Notification settings in the Account Settings options by replying with *.

– I chose to update my status by replying with 2, and received “Whats on your mind?” message (#8), I’ve replied with the message I want to put in the status (#9). See the screenshot of message posted on my wall:

use facebook for free on mobile

With Fonetwish, updating your status is completely free, but using other features, such as posting on a wall, checking notifications, and adding friends is not free. But you can subscribe to it’s unlimited usage with all these features for just Rs. 30 / 20 days. Fonetwish will automatically ask you for this subscription when you try to access the premium features like notifications, post on a wall etc. After subscribing to it’s unlimited usage, you will receive an SMS with the subscription details. You can unsubscribe to it anytime by dialing *322*22#

This service doesn’t have any additional roaming charges, it is available anywhere, anytime! However, you have a limit of 140 characters with this service.

But, this is of course a very handy way to quickly update your Facebook or say in touch with friends – without using Internet. Currently, this service is available for Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo users in India.

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