Addictive Social sites like Facebook are generally blocked in offices, schools and other work environments. Here comes the use of proxies and other tricks to access blocked Facebook.

Well, I don’t prefer proxy services to use Facebook at work, I make use of Facebook email rather. In this article, I’m going to share how to upload photos on Facebook via Email, which is quite similar to updating Facebook status via Email.

Step-by-step: Upload pics on Facebook via Email

  1. First off, log in to your Facebook account (not from Mobile). You have to collect your Secret Facebook Upload Email now, which you can do by visiting Facebook Mobile Upload link from the same Web browser.
  2. After getting your Facebook Upload Email, save it in your email contacts.

    update facebook from email

    Note: Do not share this secret Upload Email with anyone, sharing this email will give admin access to others to your Facebook profile.

  3. Now, whenever you have to upload photos on Facebook, just compose a mail to your just-collected Facebook secret upload email, attach the photos you wan to upload in the email and click the send button.
    Uploading photos on Facebook via Email
  4. The photos will appear on your timeline in a few seconds after sending the mail. Check out how I uploaded a pic to my Facebook via email:
    Facebook photo uploaded via Email

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the trick.