You might have noticed a message window appearing while logging in to twitter about the Direct photo upload feature. This is because, Twitter has added the new Direct Photo Upload feature powered by Photobucket, which allows tweeters to an image to their tweets direct from their Computer. From now, twitter users can share images directly without using any third party services.

How to use Direct Photo Uploading on Twitter?

Now that Twitter photo sharing is official, you should make some points clear about your image before uploading on twitter using this feature:

  • You can upload an image equal to or less than 3 MB.
  • Twitter may scale your uploaded image to fit in display pane (which appears on clicking a tweet in the right side of twitter timeline).
  • Make sure the image is not uncensored.

Follow these steps to put a photo in your tweet from your computer by using this feature:

  • Click on the camera icon just below the “What’s happening” tweet-box. It will open the typical file-browsing box.
  • Just locate your image and click Open. You can see a small preview of your chosen image at the same place.
  • Tweet to upload your image.
  • After tweeting, it will show a link in the tweet, on clicking this link, you can see your full tweet with the photo you uploaded with it. Done!

Check this tweet to see how it looks.

However, you do not have the easy tracking of your uploaded image by using this official feature. Twitter users are already aware of third-party services to share image. Let me remind of the most popular and my favorite one – TwitPic. I think, TwitPic is more handy and useful, which also organizes the uploaded images for us. What do you think?