If you compare Facebook and Pinterest, you might have come up with a lot of things in favor of the latter. Since Pinterest is a new concept, and people are using Facebook from ages, from the beginning of being Social online; most of them will find Pinterest more interesting and fresh.

One of the most attractive features of Pinterest is it’s Pin Board Layout. You see the pins there just as on a Pin board, in an inline fashion. This allows you to quickly browse or scan through the pins by people you’re following, unlike the traditional Social Media News feed layout as seen on Facebook and Google+.

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Imagine your Facebook news feed layout in the Pinterest fashion, isn’t that sounds good? If you’re finding it hard to imagine, you should try PinView Facebook application (beta) which allows you to browse Facebook in Pinterest mode.

I’ve just tried PinView and I liked it. I’m giving a short guide on using PinView Facebook app to make Facebook look like Pinterest.

Turn Facebook into Pinterest with PinView Facebook App

  • Log into your Facebook account and visit PinView Application.
  • You’ll see PinView app front page showing you things just like Pinterest. Click on Your Wall button there.

    turn facebook to pinterest

  • A Facebook dialog will show up asking Go to App and Cancel. Go to App.

    turn facebook to pinterest

  • In the next dialog, provide the permissions to some actions it asks by clicking Allow (as per PinView statement, the permissions are required to let you view your stream, posts, friends, pictures, and more). Choose Skip if you don’t permit the app to those actions but still want to try it.

    turn facebook to pinterest

  • You’ve gained access to PinView now. Click on Your Wall again to view your Facebook wall in Pinterest mode. Similarly, you can view your friends, photos and videos in Pinterest view using Friends, Pictures and Videos buttons.

    turn facebook to pinterest

PinView keeps the color theme unchanged, that means you’ll still feel that you’re on Facebook. PinView app is in Beta right now, hopefully it will provide more features such as Like and Share button on hovering the Pins (updates) (just as Pinterest shows Like and Pin buttons).

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