For bloggers who use Tumblr to blog, submitting a sitemap to services like GWT or Bing Webmaster Tools is equally important as with other blog platforms to perform good with the searches. Sitemaps actually help search engines to keep track of your blog posts and index them from time to time automatically.

In this short tutorial, we’ll see how to find out the URL of our Tumblr blog sitemap and submit it to the some important web services.

Finding our Tumblr blog’s Sitemap URL

Tumblr provides it’s users with auto-maintained XML sitemaps for their blogs. There are two XML sitemaps actually that exist for each Tumblr blog, but we need only one in this case – the URL of the sitemap we need goes like:

Replace with your blog URL, now you have the sitemap URL for your blog. Here’s how the sitemap looks like if you visit this URL:

Tumblr Sitemap
Sitemap for

Submitting Tumblr Sitemap to GWT

GWT service is available for free and you can signup and add your website to it using this official guide. If you already have your site added to it, then navigate the Crawl » Sitemaps section in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, click the Add/Test Sitemap button, enter sitemap1.xml in the input box, and click Submit Sitemap button. Below screenshot quickly demonstrated all these steps:

Submit Tumblr Sitemap to Google

Tumblr Sitemap Submission at Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like GWT, Bing Webmaster Tools are also free to use and can be used by signing up and adding your site. Assuming you’ve added and verified your site with it, just move to the Sitemaps section under Configure My Site, input the URL of your Tumblr blog, and click the submit button. Simple!

Submit Tumblr Sitemap to Bing


After the sitemap submission, you might need to wait for a few days to get the search engines aware of your sitemap. Once it is accomplished, your blog posts will get auto-crawled and indexed by search bots.