If you are a Punjabi language beginner from India, then there are times when you may want to translate sentences in Punjabi or Gurmukhi to Hindi. Since Hindi is India’s national language, everyone feels comfortable to learn other languages through Hindi as the medium.

List of tools to translate Punjabi to Hindi online

Although Google Translate offers a variety of languages (including some Indian languages as well), but it disappoints when it comes to Punjabi. You can’t see Punjabi there in the translation options now.

In a previous article, I told you about installing Punjabi on Windows, and this article covers how to convert or translate Punjabi to Hindi language by using some handy online tools – without having to install any additional software on your computer.

Online Tools to Translate Punjabi to Hindi


This website is really useful to translate one Indian language to the other. Currently, it supports Punjabi to Hindi, Hindi to Punjabi, Urdu to Hindi, and Telugu to Tamil.

In order to convert your Punjabi content to Hindi, just paste in the text (up to 180 words), select Punjabi to Hindi and click the Translate button. That’s it! Grab your converted Hindi text. However, it doesn’t work well with the conversion as it is in the beta phase right now. You may sign up there and also suggest the correct translation.

Note: Removed some services that suddenly stopped working and providing no translation anymore.

There were a few services that used to offer quality Hindi to Punjabi translation online, but unfortunately, they are discontinued now.

I hope Punjabi beginners have benefited from this resource list. I’ll put more helpful services on the list if I find more. Feel free to tell about how you convert to Punjabi to Hindi online.