Every other day we see new offers from Telecom companies for cheap calls, SMS packs, Internet plans etc. Good plans help you to save money and should be utilized to enjoy full features from your network provider.

Transferring balance from one mobile to the other is one of those features which serve handy when you’re out of money. You can ask your friend or family person to send you balance without going for a balance recharge. But how can one transfer balance mobile to mobile?

Most of the Telecom companies provide a specific way to transfer balance from mobile to mobile, either you’ve to dial a number and follow the directions or text a code with balance and mobile number info to a service number. In this article, we’ll see how to transfer balance mobile to mobile on network providers supported in India.

Note: Before using, please confirm the working status of the below service numbers on your own by calling your network provider’s customer care.

  • Airtel: Dial *141# and follow the instructions that will flash on your mobile after dialing the number.
  • Aircel: Dial *122*666#, select a voucher from Rs. 10, 20 and 100, and provide the number to which the balance should be sent.
  • BSNL: Send an SMS GIFT[space]Mobile no.[space]Balance amount to 53733. Note that BSNL doesn’t accept balance transfer less than Rs. 10.

    E.g.: Sending: GIFT 9900000000 50 to 53733 will get the mobile no. 9900000000 a balance of Rs. 50.

  • Idea: Send an SMS GIVE[space]Mobile no.[space]Balance amount and send it to 55567.

    E.g.: Sending: GIVE 9900000000 100 to 55567 will get the mobile no. 9900000000 a balance of Rs. 100.

  • Reliance: Dial *367*3# and enter *312*3#[Mobile no.]. Next, enter the amount you want to transfer and input the pin number as 1 when asked.

    E.g.: After dialing *367*3#, wait for a few second till it ask to input something. Now enter: *312*3#9900000000, press dial button, provide the balance amount (say, 150), again press dial. Through the process, mobile no. 9900000000 will get a balance of Rs. 150.

  • TataDocomo: Send an SMS BT[space]Mobile no.[space]Balance amount and send it to 54321.

    E.g.: Sending: BT 9900000000 100 to 54321 will get the mobile no. 9900000000 a balance of Rs. 100.

  • Uninor: Simply dial *202*[Mobile no.]*[Balance amount]#. E.g.: Dialing *202*9900000000*50 get 9900000000 a recharge of Rs. 50.
  • Vodafone: Simply dial *131*[Balance amount]*[Mobile no.]#. E.g.: Dialing *131*200*9900000000*200 get 9900000000 a recharge of Rs. 200.

Hope this post has helped. You should also see GPRS Settings for all operators supported in India to setup GPRS on your network.