If you use a computer that doesn’t have inbuilt Wi-fi support, then you may make use of a USB Wi-fi adapter. A Wi-fi USB adapter adds the Wi-fi functionality to a computer and obviously, it can be connected to the computer through a USB port. Tenda W311MI is an example of a Wi-fi USB adapter which is really compact in size and very easy to setup on your computer. I bought Tenda W311MI for one of my desktops that didn’t have Wi-fi, here is my review for the device including it’s installation, Wi-fi enabling and internet sharing.

Tenda W311MI Wi-fi USB Adapter Review

Well the device is so compact and fits in the USB port of your computer with ease, and you won’t find it difficult to use it in a crowded workspace. Photo below shows how it looks and how much compact it is:

Tenda W311MI Wi-fi Adapter

Tenda W311MT Wi-fi Adapter: Feature Highlights

  • Super compact and slim design
  • N Speed: Delivers up to 150Mbps wireless speed, 4-times faster than ordinary wireless G devices
  • Enhanced Wireless Reception: Delivers better wireless performance, 3-times wireless range over 802.11g adapters
  • Secured connection by WPS, WPA/WPA2
  • Backward-Compatible: Backward-compatible with 802.11b/g devices, you can upgrade your network to the latest N at lower cost
  • Dual Working Mode: Supports Ad-Hoc (Client-Client) and Infrastructure (AP-Client) Mode
  • Easy to setup: Includes setup wizard CD-ROM helps you to connect a wireless network out of box
  • Wide connectivity support: Connects PSP, WII, NDS to Internet and more
  • Supported on Windows and Apple as well

The device comes with a driver CD that helps you install it on your computer. The installation is super easy, run the setup in the CD and follow the instructions. Along with the drivers, you should also opt-in to install a basic Tenda ICS utility to assist you.

Tenda W311MI Wi-fi Utility

After installing Tenda Wi-fi drivers and utility, you will be able to see the Wi-fi icon in the system tray of your PC or Apple.

Tenda W311MI Installation

Where to buy Tenda W311MI?

Tenda W311MI costs you at an unbeatable price of around $9.5 (around Rs. 600 in India). You may get this Wi-Fi adapter from any major computer hardware and accessories shop in your area. If you prefer buying online, you may get from Amazon.

Additional Tips and troubleshoot

  • If you’re not able to see Wi-fi in range even after installation, switching the Tenda utility in the system tray to AP Mode
  • will sort it out.

  • If you’re not able to install the device on your computer through the driver CD, ask for a replace from the store where you bought it.
  • Visit Tenda Support for additional troubleshoot.