Today’s kids are very smart. They learn and catch things very fast, and can do wonders, all needed is the proper guardianship and guidance. We can learn many things from children. Always appreciate the talent of kids, so that it can bloom well.

Some creative comic strip designers have implemented in their comics as well. Lets take a look at the below given 11 funny comics in which Tech Savvy kids are showing their smartness:

Five fingers and Computer Mouse comic
Why five fingers when mouse has only two buttons?
I won't digg you comic
…unless dad say “I won’t digg you”
What's your address Comic
“What’s your address?”
Smart answer: “”
Aquarium or Screensavers comic
Aquarium or Screensavers?
Why name but no password comic
Why name but no password?
the s-video cable comic
“No, daddy. The S-Video cable goes into the round port..”
hacked flunked all the teachers out comic
“Hacked the school computer, flunked all the teachers out of the school..”
In-home Computer Tech Support comic
“..I can offer you free unlimited in-home Computer Tech Support..”
When I start my Internet company comics
When I start my Internet company…
Read on my blog dad comic
“Read on my blog, dad..!”