The new Facebook news feed is available to most of the users now. People are switching to the new look to give a try how new Facebook feed is different from the old one. Since a lot of Facebook users are now used of the typical Facebook layout, there could be chances that they don’t like the new news feed design, and they may want to see the old Facebook again!

As we discussed previously, the new Facebook news feed design is quite appealing, eye-soothing, and a lot of things are added and changed for better user experiences.

Well, my experience with the news feed is bad. Why? As soon as I switched over to the new Facebook design, Firefox crashed and keep crashing when I try to see my friends and followings. The only thing I can say, there is some bug in the new design and Facebook need to remove it ASAP! So, right now, I need to switch back to the old news feed.

Revert to the old Facebook news feed from the new one

To remove the new redesigned Facebook news feed and reverting back to the older one, we’re going to follow some simple steps:

  1. On the new Facebook design, navigate to the dropdown link at the last of the main Facebook menu, click it and choose Switch to old design from the list.
  2. A dialog will appear containing more info on the new redesign. Just click the Try it later button at the bottom of the box.

That’s it. Your favorite old design is back again! Also read how to revert to old Facebook from Timeline. Enjoy!