Google added a new feature to Gmail that would help users send emails to the other people who have a Google+ profile – even without having to use the email address.

Seems pretty handy at first, but this feature is also allowing strangers to be able to email you. That’s not cool!

Email via Google+: Mail without Email ID
Google+ connection showing up in the contact drop-down list in Gmail (Image Credits)

Will this hurt my privacy?

Like just another Gmail user, I don’t want those strangers from my Google+ to email me. But Google says it will protect the privacy by not letting them know your email address unless you respond.
Its fine, but I still want to opt out from all this. Can it be doable? Thankfully, yes.

Turning off Email via Google+

Google also adds that you’re not losing the control here. You can simply modify this feature and change it’s preferences according to your need. It’s really easy, just a matter of one or two steps:

  1. Navigate through Gmail Settings » General
  2. Jump to the Email via Google+ section, and change the Who can email you via your Google+ profile? option to No one.
    Changing preferences: Email via Google+
    Gmail General Settings
  3. At last, save the changes. That’s it.

Why should I turn it off?

It depends on you whether you want some random people bug you using it or not. But still, below are some answers to this question:

  • To avoid SPAM
  • To maintain your privacy of getting contacted by only those who have your email ID

Please take your precious time in sharing what you think about this feature. And don’t be a stranger to us, join us at Google+.