AirTel is one of those telecom services that started serving cheap mobile internet in India. Since then, people from every masses started using Internet at low cost on 2G connection. However, the internet speed you get with the 2G internet plans in AirTel is poor.

If you want good speeds, the 3G plans in AirTel are quite expensive and come with limited data usage. This way, users are compelled to use the 2G internet plans, that is very-very irritating. The downloading and browsing speeds with these plans suck!

Trick to speed up AirTel 2G Internet speed

In this post, I’m going to share with you a trick that will help you to boost AirTel 2G Internet speed in no time. This trick helped me just double up the original 2G internet speed and it’s working for me and some of my friends. I hope that this would work for you too.

I don’t guarantee the speed improvements, after all, it’s a trick which may not work for some of you, but me and my friends has been enjoying high speeds through this. The below 3-step guide wraps the whole implementation:

  1. Get rid of your AirTel 2G SIM and get a new AirTel 3G SIM card.
  2. Activate a 2G Internet plan on your new 3G SIM.
  3. Now, connect to internet and experience high-speed browsing on the cost of a 2G Internet plan!

Additional Tips

  • Use a data card instead of mobile handset. Mobile handsets as modem are weak and support up to only 40Kbps of data transmission.
  • Using a data card will give you up to 400Kbps of speed, even Torrent accelerate at 350Kbps with this trick.