Annoyed by unskippable ads on YouTube videos? Well, most of the ads on YouTube come with a close or skip option, but sometimes you may want to get rid of them when they start showing up in excess.

The unskippable ads are of 15-30 seconds play duration and appear before the video starts. Some of these ads show a Skip Ad link after a few seconds. If you’re seeking solutions to skip ads on YouTube videos, this article wraps up some simple ways to do that on the go.

  1. Use Telly Browser Extension if you use Google Chrome to browse web. This extension formally allow you to skips ads on YouTube. After installing the extension, you’ll never have to wait for the Skip ad link as it will be shown from the start of the ad. You know what you have to do then (click Skip ad).

    Note: This extension, Telly, had worked for me for a while and immediately stopped working from past few days. I’m looking for a solution and post it here as soon as I find one.

  2. Use AdBlock Plus which is available for Chrome, Firefox and SeaMonkey. You’ll not see any ‘Skip ad’ links since this extension blocks YouTube ads completely.
  3. If you’re not a Firefox or Chrome user, right click your video and choose ‘Pop out’. This is a temporary solution since it doesn’t skip ads every time when you pop out the video.

    skip ads on youtube
  4. If nothing works, all you can do is to wait for the Skip Ad link to appear, in fact some video ads don’t show such option at all.

    skip ads on youtube video

Hope this has helped you to cut the annoyance on YouTube. Also see play or embed YouTube videos from specific timestamp.