Just like Facebook, Twitter has also introduced recently an email facility for its users. Tweeters can now send and receive emails using the official Twitter mail service Shortmail up to 500 characters. The idea behind Shortmail is to simplify the emailing and have the say in the simplest, short possible words. All twitter account users can benefit from the new Shortmail service by visiting shortmail.com and logging in with their respective twitter names to claim their email IDs (log in after clicking “Claim your Shortmail address with Twitter”). After the claim, your email id will be yourtwittername@shortmail.com

Simplify your Emails with ShortMail

Shortmail shows the email conversations in form of a thread, just like we see text messages in SmartPhones. You can call Shortmail the web based text messaging also, as it resembles the wireless text messaging (SMS).

The best thing about the service is that you never need to look for email addresses of your Twitter friends. If you know your friends’ twitter name, you can email them without any difficulty. This way, you can email your favorite celebs also!! Provided that they have a twitter account.

Shortmail also allows you to provide private or public attributes to email messages. However, it lacks the features like sending attachments, formatting text and embedding media.

How do you like Shortmail? Do you think that it serves better than a general email service? Is it simplifying the email trend?