In today’s world of rich Social media, people normally require to share their screen with their peers for specific purposes. The purpose could be a tech help, sharing what’s on your computer, or anything fun.

Basically, you have to install Software programs like Team Viewer or CrossLoop to share your screen with others. Yet more advanced way, you can sign up for a service which allows you to share screen right from your browser without having to install any additional Software programs.

But now, you have a completely hassle-free service that is known as Screenleap, which gives you the way to share screen on the go, without having to install a software or signing up with them.

With Screenleap, all you need to do is visit the site, click that Share your screen now button, allow Java to run the application, and start sharing your screen. The only requirement to use Screenleap is to have a Java-enabled Web browser.

Here is the step-by-step story of my first shot with Screenleap:

  1. After going to, I clicked the Share your screen now button.
    share screen instantly
  2. This brought me to a Java initialization page, where it asks to run Java to execute the app, you just click the Run button when the Java dialog appears asking so.
    share screen instantly
  3. Next, you’ll be able to see Screenleap Java applet Control panel with some screen sharing options like Share Entire Screen, Share inside rectangle, Pause Sharing, Stop Sharing which you can use according to your need.
    share screen instantly

    Along with it, you can also see a URL and code, which you can send the people you want to share your screen with, to have access to the screen. With the URL, the viewers can view the screen directly by visiting the URL. With the code, they can see your screen by entering the code in the Share code text-box on Screenleap Homepage. You can also send them URL via email and text message.

Screenleap is the effortless way to share screen instantly, with which you don’t have to install anything, just use it when you want. Simple put, Screenleap is a simple tool with superb functionality – except no support to share the screen on mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android. You can only view the screen shares by others from your mobile device with Screenleap.