Tumblr is one of those free services which allow people to blog for free – just sign up and rock. Such free blogging services also allow to setup Custom Domain Name or TLD with them. We’ve already setup Custom Domain with Blogger, in this article, we’ll learn how to do it with Tumblr.

Tip: If you don’t have a Top-level Domain name like a .com, .net, .org; you can get it from NameCheap at an affordable price.

Tumblr has gone popular among people who like Micro blogging, which we normally do on Twitter. Tumblr has some advantages over Twitter such as Customizing Themes (even you can design one yourself), comprehensive Blogging (just like Blogger) and Custom Domain Name setup support. It is as interactive as Facebook with a good Social Media environment and interface. We’ll look into how to setup custom Domain with Tumblr right away.

Setting up Custom Domain Name with Tumblr Blog

  • Go to the DNS Management section of your Domain Name and follow as given below:

    For a two-level Domain (eg. yoursite.com): Add an A-record with IP value

    setup custom domain with tumblr


    For a subdomain (eg. blog.yoursite.com): Add a C-Name record with host name as you have in your sub domain prefix, and destination value as domains.tumblr.com

    setup custom domain with tumblr

    Note that you need not to make both the changes, just choose one method which applies as per your requirement. Also, you will not have to modify your Domain nameservers at all.

    You may need to wait for 24-72 hours to get these settings deployed completely.

  • Now, sign into your Tumblr account and click your Blog link just besides Dashboard link.
    setup custom domain with tumblr
  • Head over to Settings page by clicking Blog Settings link.
    setup custom domain with tumblr
  • In the URL section, check on the checkbox saying Use a custom domain name. A textbox will appear, input your domain or sub-domain URL there in and click ‘Test your Domain’.
    setup custom domain with tumblr
    If it returns a successful configuration message (like below screenshot), then save the changes by clicking Save button at the bottom. Else, try testing your domain till your receive successfully configured message.
    setup custom domain with tumblr

Hope this has helped you to setup Custom Domain with Tumblr the easy way. Also see how to setup Custom Domain with Blogger.