SEOs and Webmasters have a daily dealing with keyword discovery, research and analysis. There is no magic but certain handy SEO tools are needed to accomplish these tasks. One of the above tasks is analysis, which involves analysing new keywords or the ones you’ve been using on your site.

Post keyword analysis covers tracking SERPs, marking results, and then optimizing the site again if needed. Well, the question is: How do I check SERPs for my site? It’s not always easy when you use online sites that ask you to signup for a premium package after every limited use. So, what’s the easiest and fully FREE way to check SERPs the unlimited times? My answer is: Rank Checker.

Rank Checker to track SERPs for free

Rank Checker is actually a Firefox browser add-on by SEO Book, that lets you track SERPs directly from your browser tools. It won’t ask you for signing in while doing that, NO premium signup prompts, and all you get is unlimited SERP tracking for free!

How to install Rank Checker

Just go to this link and install the Rank Checker add-on on your Firefox browser, you will be asked for a one-time signup before installing the add-on, and they will never bug you for any other signups and all. After signing up, you’ll get access to the link to install the add-on – install it and start using right now!

How to use Rank Checker?

After installing the Rank Checker add-on, you can see its icon at the top left of your Firefox browser. Clicking that icon will open a window that will ask you to input a domain, the keyword (you can also add multiple keywords using that “Add” button).
Rank Checker Tool
When you’re ready, click the “Start” button at the bottom. It will load the SERP positions for that domain, with the URL of particular page ranking for that keyword in a few seconds.