If you are new to Facebook and don’t know if it allows you to send files as attachments or not; this post answers your all such questions. Yes, Facebook does support sending files through chat from web or mobile.

The quick how-to sections in this article will show you all possible ways to do that, but before that, here is some preface.

Receiving and sending files through Facebook is as simple as you send email attachments. The only difference is that on Facebook, you do it while chatting with friends.

In 2011, Facebook combined the Message and Chat features and also added some cool things to the combination including File attachment options. You can learn sending files in chat by following the below given simple steps.

  1. Click the gear icon at the top-right of the Facebook chat box. This will pop down a list. Select Add Files option from the list.
    Add image in Facebook chat
  2. A file-browser window will be opened. Now select the file you wish the send, and click the “OK” button.
    Adding files to the chat

    You will see your file uploading and getting attached in the area where you type messages. Now, type something and hit enter (or the send button on mobile) to send the file.

    Sending the file

Following as told above, you can send any type of file on Facebook with file-size up to 15MB.

Sending multiple files

You can also bulk-upload and send files by following the similar workaround (as explained above). Below is a screenshot I captured of some files I sent in a chat while writing this article:

Sending multiple files in Facebook chat
Multiple files sent in the chat

Shortcut to send photos in chat

You might have already know that Facebook chat box has image uploading option just before the stickers option. With it, you don’t need to search for “Add files” or anything to send photos, you just:

  1. Click that ‘Camera’ icon in the bottom-right side of the chat box.
    Add image in Facebook chat
  2. It will bring up a file-browser popup. Browse and select the pic your want to send.
    Uploading image in Facebook chat
  3. After selecting, the image file will be uploaded and attached in the chat box. Now your friend on the other end can see as well as save it right from the chat box.
    Image sent over chat

Supports all major image file extensions including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and more.

Cancelling an upload

Files that carry very tiny disc size are uploaded instantly. If you’re using the ‘shortcut’ photo upload option, then you have little or no time to cancel the upload. However, if you see the file is still uploading, and you changed your mind, just click the small ‘cross’ icon at the top as show in below:

Cancelling an upload in Facebook chat
Cancelling a photo upload

With the “Add Files” option, you can control the cancelling just before you click send or press enter on your computer’s keyboard.

Cancelling a file upload

Notes & Tips

  • The maximum attachment size limit in Facebook chat is 15 MB.
  • With the ‘shortcut’ photo upload method, your file (photo) will be immediately start uploading and sent over the chat once you select it from the file-browser – it won’t ask you to press enter or click the send button to do so.
  • If you have a file available online, just paste in the direct URL to it instead of attaching the one from your computer.

This way you and your friends can receive and send images, archives, music and more files on Facebook. Isn’t it handy? Socialize, chat and share files on the go. You can also do the same operations in Facebook messages.