Do you ever felt the need to schedule posts on Facebook fan pages to appear later publicly? People who have big and busy Fan pages may need it a lot to stack and schedule posts for the rest of the day. Facebook has just unleashed this new feature to schedule your posts for later publish on your fan pages.

Schedule posts are useful when you don’t have enough time to use Facebook to post updates on your pages. This article explains how to schedule posts on Facebook pages to get them published later.

Schedule posts on your Facebook Fan Page

Just proceed with the following steps to schedule your posts on your Facebook fan page:

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook fan page.
  • Just share something (text, image, link etc.) and click the clock icon at the bottom-left of the box.

    schedule posts on facebook fan page

  • After clicking it, you may receive a dialog box as shown in the below screenshot:

    schedule posts on facebook
    This dialog appears only when you start using Facebook scheduled post feature for the very first time. After setting the begin date for your respective Facebook page and saving the changes, you are now ready to use the schedule posts feature on your Facebook page.

  • After saving the dialog as mentioned in the above step, you’ll start seeing date options within your status.

    schedule posts on facebook page

    Just set the date and time to schedule your post to be published at the specific timestamp. After setting year, you’ll see “Add month” link. After adding month, it’ll show you “Add day” link, after setting the day, you’ll see “Add hour” and “Add minutes” links to set the schedule time. You can also hide your scheduled post from your pages’ news feed by checking “Hide from news feed” checkbox. After that, just click the “Schedule” button to schedule your post.

    scheduling posts on facebook

    You’ll again receive a prompt message as shown in below screenshot:

    schedule facebook posts

    You can see your scheduled post status in your page’s Activity log where you can edit or cancel it anytime.

  • After the publish, your update will look like other normal posts on Facebook. See the update I scheduled at TechAbly for testing Facebook scheduled posts.

    facebook scheduled posts

This will going to help you a lot if you run a Facebook page with highly active fan base. This way you can post updates without logging into Facebook again-and-again, even without the help of other admins on your page. Hope you find the post useful. Also see how to create custom Facebook Landing page in 5 minutes.