Can you keep pinning on Pinterest even when you’re not online. Oh yes, by scheduling pins on Pinterest. But how can I do it? It’s the biggest question people are asking nowadays to market and control their businesses on Pinterest. Pinterest drives good (sometimes huge) amount of traffic and people on web want to do more to get that traffic regularly. So they have included some Pinterest plans in their Social Marketing strategy, and scheduling pins is an important part of it.

Scheduling Pinterest Pins would be a great idea for people who want to pin things still when they’re not on Pinterest. Currently, Pinterest doesn’t provide any official options that let you schedule Pinterest pins. Do you have some third-party options? Yes. Pinerly ViralTag!

Pingraphy ViralTag is a great service which allows you to schedule, track and analyze your Pinterest activities for a better Social media strategy. Currently, it provides a 30-day free trial and you may proceed further with it’s basic and premium plans.

Before ViralTag, I mentioned Pinerly (which is Reachli now and I wrapped it up among some best Pinterest apps) previously in this post, which no more provides Pinterest pin scheduling. Those who have requested for Pinerly invites, please try ViralTag instead, as it is the best way to schedule your pins. If you still want a Pinerly invite, shoot me a mail or comment.

Schedule Pinterest Pins with ViralTag

ViralTag is the first tool that has been allowing users to schedule Pinterest pins. The scheduling and automated pin posting will help you to attract more people for your business.

You may enter their 30-day free trial and start scheduling pins. It’s so simple, just drag ViralTag bookmarklet to your bookmarks, whenever you have to schedule a pin, click this bookmarklet while on the content source you want to pin. It will show all the images on the webpage in an overlay grid, just choose the image you want to put in the pin, and click the next button. You’ll get a new window popped as shown in below screenshot:

schedule pinterest pins
Just click the schedule button after entering suitable title to your Pin, and set the scheduling time for the pin in the next page. You can also specify the time interval between the pins with ViralTag.

I believe Pinterest will soon be providing the official “schedule pins” feature, just like Facebook. (must-read: schedule posts on Facebook pages)