Scheduling posts on social networks works for people who want to keep their social circles updated and engaged about and around them. But except Facebook, no other social services provide official ways to schedule posts including Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.

For those who’ve been missing out the post scheduling feature on Google+, there is a solution to achieve that – provided that they use Google Chrome to browse the web.

Do Share Chrome Extension to schedule Google+ Posts

There is an extension available for Google Chrome, called as Do Share that allows you to schedule your posts to appear on Google+. Just install Do Share from Chrome Web Store and click on the orange colored button in the extension bar on your Chrome browser. You’ll come up with a tab like this:

Scheduling Google+ Posts

As shown in the above screenshot, enter a title (optional), and type a status, upload a photo or put a link in your post, and click the Schedule button. Now select the scheduled date and time for your post to appear on Google+ stream, and click on the Schedule button again. That’s it! Your post is scheduled to appear on your Google+ profile.

The extension also saves your posts in drafts automatically, and you may re-edit your posts to schedule or post on Google+. It also shows an icon in the posts in your Google+ stream, that sends posts directly to Do share to share or schedule later.

Note: Scheduled posts will be successfully sent to Google+ only when your Chrome browser is running and you’re logged into your Google+ profile. So, no luck with this extension for users who want a separate scheduling system especially for Google+ posts.