Save and Print a List of Startup Programs in WindowsOne of the main causes of slow booting in Windows is the number of startup items that are loaded at the boot time. Getting aware of that programs items and saving a list of them is an important thing, which is needed while troubleshooting Windows. Here is a portable utility that lets you save and print a list of all the start-up items that are loaded with Windows.

Startup Discoverer is an absolutely free and portable utility that lists startup files and programs with their locations. You can also save and print the generated list, which may help you describing your problem on the web while asking for help on different forums or to mention references.

This small utility provides around 19 categories such as User Runs, Machine Runs, Common Startup, Winlogon, Session Manger etc. which you may use to display a list of related start-up processes. The generated lists can be saved in text format (.TXT) and can be printed. It is fully compatible with Windows 7 also.

Print a list of Windows startup programs using Startup Discoverer

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