Gmail is back again with another bogus change in it’s compose feature. The new Gmail compose is a popup inline window (just like we see chat window). The main focus of this feature is to send mails on the go. But still, people are disliking it and want the old Compose feature back. Here is a little 3-step how-to on reverting to the old Gmail compose from the new annoying one.

  1. Click the compose button to bring up the new compose popup box.
  2. You don’t have to compose anything, just look for the More options link in the box tray, it’s just on the opposite end to the send button.
  3. Click this More Options button and choose Temporarily switch back to old compose.
    Revert to old Gmail Compose

Note: The Temporarily switch back… button has almost been removed by Google from Gmail.

That’s it. You just switched back to the old Gmail compose, but it’s temporary, since Gmail is going to freeze the new compose in some coming days. No worries, I’m looking for a more stable solution for the reversion, so, I found a Chrome extension that lets you switch to the old compose but only on Google Chrome. Install Retro Compose for Gmail and see yourself, and stay tuned for more!