Google has been crazily changing it’s services layouts and appearance. One of the most significant changes it made is to the layout of Gmail and we’ve discussed about how to revert to old Gmail Interface and to make it permanent. The new layouts introduced by Google are really bad compared to the older ones and are criticized by majority of users throughout the Internet community.

If you use Blogger to manage your blogs, you should be ready for another imposition from Google, the new Blogger Interface, in fact, many Blogger users start getting the new interface as the default look. Just like the new look of Gmail, users aren’t accepting Blogger new Interface at all. The new Blogger interface is a bit buggy too. After signing into your Blogger account, it shows the Reading List bar on top, which overlaps your Blog list. The bug fixes by itself after scrolling down on the page.

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If you too are finding the new Blogger look uneasy to work with, this article will help you to bring back your favorite – old Blogger Interface.

Easily revert to Old Blogger Interface

Follow the below given simple steps to get back old Blogger interface:

  1. Sign into your Blogger account. On the top-right section of your blog list, click the gear-icon settings button besides the Language button.
  2. revert to old blogger interface

  3. The gear-icon button will bring a drop-down list. Just click Old Blogger Interface link in the list. You’ll be redirected to the Old look at the same time.

That’s it. Lets see how long Google will allow users to switch to Old Blogger Interface through this option. Hope you find the article useful. Also see stop Blogger redirect to ccTLD, if you don’t use a custom domain with Blogger.