Pinterest recently got a new makeover that looks pretty cool. The new layout is amazing than the older one in many ways. They revamped the Category menu, the search box and the pins are little bigger than before. But likes and dislikes to the changes on our favorite services depend on the choice of the user. That’s why, some are liking this change while some not.

I found the change good, since the new Pinterest layout is neat, spacey and more appealing than before. But for those who are not sort of liking this change, and are wanting back the old Pinterest layout, I have a trick to get it back without installing scripts, add-ons, extensions on your web browser.

In some previous changes from Pinterest, people switch to the older layout by clicking that “Revert to Old Pinterest” link in the profile dropdown, but as of now, you do not have any such link over there! So, what’s that magic trick I know to put your Pinterest back to the old look? Read on.

Trick to switch back to old Pinterest

Since I’ve already cleared that we will not be using any browser tweaks to do that, your old Pinterest will be back originally! I’ve created a bookmarklet that will let you grab your lovely old Pinterest back. All you need is to drag the bookmarklet to add it in your bookmarks, log into your Pinterest and click this bookmarklet in the bookmark bar in your web browser, and voila! The old Pinterest is back!

I hope this has helped. If you’re facing any problem with the bookmarklet, let me know through your comments and mails. Thanks :)