Google has updated it’s service Gmail a lot in the past two years. Most important changes are the layout and new Google+ integrated features. Mostly the users didn’t like these changes, especially the Layout change in 2011 when Google applied a new makeover to all of it’s services.

Why people don’t like the changes in Gmail?

Well, the users were quite aware and used-to of the good old Gmail till 2011 when suddenly Google introduced the changes in it’s layout. After that, Google received a lot of critics on this one as most of the Gmail users were not comfortable with it. They were searching (still search) the web to get a solution to revert this change.

More feature changes like Google+ Hangouts in place of Gmail chat, Compose, and addition of features like Inbox tabs had almost ruined the life of the users.

Solutions to revert to old Gmail

Let me say this, you cannot revert to the old Gmail by making use of an official tool. You have to make use of third-party tools and scripts to do that.

This post is an effort to bring back the old glory of Gmail. I’m listing some really handy ways that are going to help you through all this. These tutorials and tools make it look so easy.

  • Revert to the old look: A Stylish userstyle can help you to do that. Written by me in 2011, I’ve updated this userstyle several times in 2012 and 2013. Some things are beyond the scope of it, as Gmail has completely snatched the control from my hand there.
    The Return of Old Gmail UserStyle
  • Revert old Gmail Compose feature: The new compose feature was quite annoying in the beginning, but its okay with me now. If you are not liking it, this is a must read for you.
  • Remove Inbox tabs: Get rid of the inbox tabs, yet another annoying Gmail feature. Pretty easy, but still, this article is the workaround for that.
    Gmail Inbox Tabs
  • Can your revert to old Gmail login?: It’s not a tutorial or guide actually, but my take on possibilities of getting the traditional Gmail login back. Have a look.

I hope you found this stuff helpful. I’ll be adding more resources to the list further. Stay tuned, and feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and questions about this.