Are you fed up of the new Facebook Timeline? Want to revert to old Facebook from Timeline view? Let me clear things before going further: You don’t have an official way to remove the Timeline and revert old Facebook profile. Also, Facebook is soon going to make Timeline default for every profile in few days to come. If you have published your Timeline and are sort of not liking it, you’re definitely thinking – how to get out of it, how to get old Facebook back without timeline, aren’t you?

But folks, in this age of advanced Web browsers, we always have one option opened for such problems: the client-side Browser extensions. Creative programmers on web listen to people likes and dislikes about such changes (like Gmail layout change and now Facebook Timeline layout) and work on browser-based addons or extensions to revert the change on client or user-side only.

We are going to utilize this facility for Web browsers to revert to old Facebook from Timeline, hence getting back our old, classy Facebook Profile without difficulty.

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How to revert to old Facebook from Timeline?

People are searching web from the Facebook Timeline release to revert the published Timeline, now they have a really good way to do that through Timeline Remove Browser Extensions. All you need to do is just install this extension using below given links on your Web browser, refresh your Facebook and enjoy the old, classic look of your Facebook back!

I have already tested this Browser Extension on Firefox and Chrome, and it’s working awesome. Check out the screenshot:

revert to old facebook

Although you are able to see the old charm back on your Facebook from now, however, your friends will see your profile in the Timeline view until they install this extension on their Web browser. So, don’t forget to tell your friends about this cool thing to revert Facebook Timeline!

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