I’ve come to know about a couple of cases in which some strange sites are using the AdSense code of the publisher; and they’re getting continuous clicks from there. I don’t know how the publishers figured out the site using their ad code, but they are afraid of an unexpected ban from AdSense – as the strange site was publishing NSFW content too.

Using AdSense code of someone else doesn’t make any sense actually – but you, the publisher, have to be careful about this, as that other site may get you banned from AdSense.

How to cope up with misuse of your AdSense code?

If you too are in such a situation i.e. someone else is using your AdSense code without permission, all you are supposed to do are two simple things:

  1. Make use of “Sites”: Take a look at the Sites section in your AdSense account – that will show you what sites you’re receiving click from.

    AdSense 'Sites' option

  2. Add authorized sites: Only allow certain sites to show your ads. This option can be found in Account Settings of your AdSense account. Add the allowed sites while enabling this option.

    Authorized sites in AdSense

After adding authorized sites in your AdSense settings, your ads will continue to display on those “strange” sites, ad clicks and impressions will also be recorded, but you will not receive any earnings from those sites. And yes, you need not to worry about any harm now.

Must read: Google Support – Authorizes sites to display ads

Now whenever some unauthorized site uses your ad code, you will be shown a notice like below:

Authorization notification by AdSense

But make sure when adding AdSense to a new site of yours, add it to authorized sites in your AdSense account, else you won’t earn from that too.