A Responsive WordPress Theme enables your WordPress site to adapt according to different screen resolutions on different devices. In modern web, you need a responsive design to stay carefree about the look of your website on different screen resolutions and devices. Experts design responsive themes with CSS3 Media queries and jQuery Mobile, that powers your WordPress site to adapt on almost any screen.

Here is the biggest showcase of some free Responsive WordPress Themes – you may use them without paying a penny! The showcase consisted of a preview of the theme, it’s demo link, and the download link. Enjoy!

  1. Twenty Twelve

    The default WordPress theme for 2012 that you might have seen on your WordPress on the first install. The theme is simple but well built and very lightweight, supports almost everything you want from a basic WordPress theme. And of course, it is responsive.

    Twenty Twelve Theme

  2. Twenty Eleven

    Another default WordPress theme, it’s from the 2011 package. It’s a clean, adaptive theme, supports lots of customizations, and is available in yor Theme dashboard by default.

    Twenty Eleven Theme

  3. Responsive Twenty Ten

    Remember the Twenty Ten theme? The WordPress theme of the year 2010? It was not responsive at all. If you want that theme in responsive form, you should go for Responsive Twenty Ten.

    Responsive Twenty Ten Theme

  4. Respo

    Clean, minimal Responsive theme for WordPress that comes with an awesome featured content slider, drop-down menu and a social bar at the footer. You can also add an intro text to each post and page with it. Grab it for free!

    Respo WordPress Theme

  5. iTheme2

    A Mac OSX inspired theme for WordPress that also gives you a carousel feature at the top. It supports a cool drop-down menu and social options. See a preview for more.

    iTheme2 WordPress Theme

  6. iFeature

    A free theme at WordPress theme repository that gives you the simple ways to create a product-based WordPress blog. The mega slider at the top of the post index allows you to add featured items, and also the featured sections to the front page. Check it out.

    iFeature WordPress Theme

  7. Roots

    It’s a WordPress starter theme that can be useful to WordPress developers to test or extend it down the line. Based on Twitter bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate.

    Roots WordPress Theme

  8. BonPress

    A tumblog like WordPress theme that you may use for personal blogging. Allows you to add different formats to your posts, like a video, link, image, audio or quote post.

    BonPress WordPress Theme

  9. MixFolio

    Simple, grid-based portfolio theme for WordPress, allows you to add drop-down menus and featured work on the front-page.

    MixFolio WordPress Theme

  10. Basic

    A very simple, basic responsive WordPress theme, supports drop-down menus, pagination and back-to-top button at the bottom of the theme.

    Basic WordPress Theme

  11. Photum

    Photum WordPress Theme

  12. Responsive
    Responsive WordPress Theme

  13. Adapt
    Adapt WordPress Theme

  14. Ribbon
    Ribbon WordPress Theme

  15. Frank
    Frank WordPress Theme

  16. Clean Retina
    Clean Retina WordPress Theme

  17. Zoren
    Zoren WordPress Theme

  18. Grid
    Grid WordPress Theme

  19. Gridly
    Gridly WordPress Theme

  20. Simple Grid
    Simple Grid WordPress Theme

  21. Flexible
    Flexible WordPress Theme

  22. Constellation
    Constellation WordPress Theme

  23. Paper
    Paper WordPress Theme

  24. Yoko
    Yoko WordPress Theme

  25. Sunspot
    Sunspot WordPress Theme

  26. Buttercream
    Buttercream WordPress Theme

  27. Yasmin
    Yasmin WordPress Theme

  28. Skeleton
    Skeleton WordPress Theme

  29. TumblePress
    TumblePress WordPress Theme

  30. Cakifo
    Cakifo WordPress Theme

  31. Neuro
    Neuro WordPress Theme

  32. Simple Market
    Simple Market WordPress Theme

  33. Codium Extend
    Codium WordPress Theme

  34. Ascetica
    Ascetica WordPress Theme

  35. Orion
    Orion WordPress Theme

  36. Leon
    Leon WordPress Theme

  37. Live Wire
    Live Wire WordPress Theme

  38. Newzeo
    Newzeo WordPress Theme

  39. Lugada
    Lugada WordPress Theme

  40. Align
    Align WordPress Theme

This list is pending. Help us completing it, suggest a theme by commenting below.