Notepad++ doesn’t support searching multiple lines, and due to that you can’t do find and replace operations on multiple lines. The find and replace dialog only allow operations on first line only, the rest of the lines are ignored.

This short guide will let you know how to enable find and replace operations for multiple lines in Notepad++.

Allow find n’ replace for multiple lines in Notepad++

We can add plugins to Notepad++ to extend it’s functionality and features. In order to add find-replace multiple lines functionality within our Notepad++ editor, we will be making use of a handy plugin called ToolBucket.

Installing and using ToolBucket

To install ToolBucket plugin, just navigate to Plugins » Plugin Manager » Show Plugin Manager. You will be shown with a list of available plugins in the Available tab. Just look for ToolBucket, select it and click the Install button.

Installing ToolBucket on Notepad++

After installing, Notepad++ will ask for a restart, so do it.

Now, whenever you feel the need to find and replace multiple lines, just copy those multiple lines, press Alt + Shift + F, paste the lines in the “Find” field, put the replacement text in “Replace” field and click Replace or Replace all as per your need – it’s as simple as normal find and replace.

ToolBucket for Notepad++

Hope you found this short guide useful.