Gmail has just added a new feature called Inbox tabs, that are not suiting me – as I like to check all my unread mails in a single interface only – not in several tabs. Again, like Gmail layout change, it depend on user whether to like it or not.

But luckily, Gmail hasn’t stoned the feature, as they want it to put on user to choose it or not.

Here is how Gmail Inbox tabs look like:

Gmail Inbox Tabs

In case you too are not liking the new Gmail Inbox tabs features, and you want to remove them to read see your mails as you used to do before; here is the short and simple guide to do that.

Steps to get rid of Gmail Inbox tabs

  • In you Gmail, hover (mouse-over) the Inbox label in the left-pane, and click the drop-down icon appears after that, which will bring up a pop-up with some options.

    Gmail Inbox Settings

    Again, hover the Default label in the pop-up and click the Manage your inbox settings link as shown in the above screenshot.

  • In the next dialog, choose the tabs you want to keep and check-out those you want to remove. I chose the Primary one only, as I want to read all image in a single page. Save the changes.

    Remove Gmail Inbox Tabs

That’s it! You will be redirected to your inbox again, without tabs, or with the number of tabs as per your selection. Hope it has helped.