I’ve received a couple of emails a few days ago, asking how to recover hacked Pinterest account. Both the senders mentioned that they noticed the suspicious activity in their Pinterest account, and it has prompted to reset the password with below message a few times before their account got hacked:

We think someone may have logged into your Pinterest account without your permission. Please create a new password to secure your account.[password reset link]

More information:
Someone just logged into your Pinterest account from a new location in [location]. To protect your pins, we’ve put your account in read-only mode – no changes can be made to your pins or account settings until you secure it with a new password. After you create a new password, your account will be fully functional.
The Pinterest Team

One sender got his account hacked immediately after he logged out his Pinterest account (without resetting the password), and the other one noticed the hack the next day after resetting the password. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Pinterest or at the user end in this case, but I do know some ways that may bring back your hacked Pinterest account.

Step-by-step procedure to restore hacked Pinterest account

Please make sure you’re providing 100% correct information during the below recovery process, that’s very important to get your Pinterest account back to you.

  1. Head over to Pinterest Email Help.
  2. Fill up the form by providing all the required information including your Email ID, First and Last name, your Pinterest username.
  3. Remember to choose My Account » Hacked account in the What do you need help with? section of the form.

    Restoring hacked Pinterest account

  4. Choose the device you use the most for Pinterest in the Do you need help on your computer, phone or tablet? section.
  5. Choose the browser you use the most to browse Pinterest in the What type of browser do you use most often? section.
  6. Put “Help to restore hacked account” as the subject.
  7. Provide details that might help Pinterest team to understand your problem. Also include a link to your Pinterest account (eg. http://pinterest.com/techably).
  8. Optionally, attach a screenshot of the message you’re receiving while logging into your Pinterest account.
  9. Finally, click the Submit button.

After submitting the form, you’ll be contacted by Pinterest team in the next 24-hours regarding recovery of your hacked account. They’ll send you information regarding resetting password / email (whatever the hacker changed after invading into your account) and will also tip you to make your Pinterest account more secure.

I hope this information has helped you to get your accounts restored. Please consider sharing this post to let others know about this guide.