One of our readers got her Instagram hacked and asked us how she can recover it. Here are some workarounds that I suggest to restore a compromised Instagram account which may come in handy if you too are going through the exact same situation, and are not able to regain the control over the hacked account.

Hacking back into hacked Instagram

Well, not actually.

If you remember your Instagram email ID

If you still have access to the email account you’ve registered with Instagram, you can get your account back by requesting a password reset. Just request a new password for your account by tapping the Forgot Password? link on the login screen.

Our reader got her account back just by requesting a new password! If this doesn’t work for you, the next section will be the last resort to get back the compromised account.

Instagram Forgot Password Link

Recovery without an Email ID

If you don’t have access to that email account now, OR in case that email account also got hacked, OR the hacker has somehow succeeded in changing the email from your account settings; then visit this link and follow steps according to the platform you’ve been using Instagram app on.

Report Hacked Instagram Account
A screenshot of the Instagram account recovery options

Make sure you provide all valid information while filling account recovery forms they’ll provide you with further (they may also ask for your linked Phone number (if any) and to upload one of your recent Instagram photos).

This way, you’ll regain access to your account in some minutes/hours/days, depending on the time taken by Instagram team to recover your account. I’m not sure about the recovery of deleted photos, you may talk to the support for more on that.

Once get your account recovered, make sure you revoke access to any suspicious third-party apps and turn on two-factor authentication for additional security. If you found this useful, do share this helpful information with others as well.