If you’ve got your Facebook account hacked, this post helps you to regain access to your hacked account in some simple steps.

Sites like Facebook meet daily percussion with Hackers. People usually get their accounts infected by clicking some spam links or by leaving the password in keylogger software at public places.

It feels really bad when someone hacks into your account and you’ve no control over his actions there. It is a fact that many people on Facebook get their accounts hacked daily by someone’s mischief or their own mistake.

I came across a similar story sometime back when one of my Facebook friends pinged me about getting a hacked Facebook account back. Here is the procedure I followed to get the compromised account back.

Restoration procedure for Hacked Facebook account

  1. Head over to Report compromised Facebook account and click “My account is compromised“.
    recover compromised facebook account
  2. A form will be opened asking for your email or phone number you registered you Facebook account with, your Facebook username, your Name and a friends name.
    get hacked facebook back

    Fill in the required information correctly and click “Search“.

  3. Next, you’ll see a page like below screenshot:
    facebook account recovery

If you’re able to see your account login (as shown in the last screenshot), then proceed as it follows:

  • Login with your password. A message will come up saying “Thanks for reporting this problem…“, click “Continue“. You’ll be asked to input a new password, enter and confirm you new password and click “Submit“.
  • Another message “Please change your email passwords” will be displayed. It means you should use different password for you email and the Facebook account registered with that email. Click “Continue“.
  • Reset hacked Facebook account password
  • Account Verified – Congratulations!” This will be showed up after the verification of your account.
  • Review and fix anything the cybercriminal changed.” Check if the invader has modified your profile and account information. If so, reset it and click “Continue“.
  • Account Unlocked – Now you can Log in” This message will show up with your updated information. Click on Login button. You’ve successfully recovered the access of your Facebook account from the hacker. He will not be able to login your account anymore.
    Unlock hacked Facebook account

If you are not able to find your account in the “Identify Your Account” page, then click on I can’t identify my account at the bottom-left of the form.

Another form will be opened saying “Compromised: I Can’t Identify My Account“. Fill in the required information and submit the form. Facebook don’t provide any personalized support for this but they will contact you as soon as they find your submitted information correct.

Compromised: I Can't Identify My Account

You can step forward to Best practices for Facebook account security to make your account more secure.