Sending files through Facebook is simple, you can exchange images, documents, archives and other kind of files using Facebook Messaging. But have you tried inserting an image in Facebook Chat? Not as an attachment but as a regular display? Well, that’s not possible officially till now, but yes, you can put profile pictures in Facebook Chat – the profile pictures of individuals and pages on Facebook. It will be fun, will not it? So, how to put profile picture in Facebook chat? Here is the guide to do that:

  • Get the ID or username of the Facebook profile whose profile pic you want to insert in Facebook Chat. Just visit that Facebook profile and pick the username from the URL (the red portion: the address bar of the browser. If the profile is not using a username yet, grab the long integer number which comes just after the ?profile.php thing in the URL. Do same thing with pages too.
    Get the Facebook Profile ID or username
  • Now, you have the ID or username of the Facebook profile or page you want to mention with the profile pic in the chat. Lets say that ID is 167210026662020 – paste this whole string with square brackets in your chat : [[167210026662020]] and press enter. You can clearly see a small image appeared in the chat corresponding to the profile ID.
    put profile picture in facebook chat

    If you have a username, proceed similarly by replacing ID number with username – [[TechAbly]]

Isn’t that cool? Also, if you’re bored with the regular Facebook chat emoticons, you can try this list to enjoy new Facebook emoticons (not actually, these are some cool profile pics which can give emoticon effect using the above method we discussed):

Troll facetroll face facebook[[171108522930776]]
ARE YOU KIDDING MEare you kidding me facebook[[143220739082110]]
Not bad Obamanot bad obama facebook[[169919399735055]]
Me Gustame gusta facebook[[211782832186415]]
Mother of Godmother of god meme facebook[[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guycereal guy facebook[[170815706323196]]
LOL Facelol meme facebook[[168456309878025]]
NO Memeno meme facebook[[167359756658519]]
Yao Mingyao ming facebook[[218595638164996]]
Derpderp facebook[[224812970902314]]
Derpinaderpina facebook[[192644604154319]]
Forever Aloneforever alone meme facebook[[177903015598419]]
Fcuk yeafcuk yea meme faceboo[[105387672833401]]
Challenge acceptedchallenge accepted meme[[100002727365206]]
Okay faceokay face facebook[[100002752520227]]
Poker facepoker face facebook[[129627277060203]]
Socially awkward penguinsocially awkward penguin facebook[[98438140742]]
Rage facerage face facebook[[FUUUOFFICIAL]]
LampLamp meme facebook[[100001256102462]]
Feel like a SIRfeel like a sir meme facebook[[168040846586189]]
Forever alone Christmasforever alone christmas meme facebook[[125038607580286]]

List via Reddit

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