PNR Status Enquiry is required to confirm the registration of a passenger or a group of passengers for a particular travel / journey in the Database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS) of a Travel Program. The most common examples where you need PNR Status Enquiry are Railway, Airlines, Hotels etc.

PNR Status enquiry: Why it is needed?

PNR is the Passenger Name Record in the database of a CRS of a Travel Program (eg. Railways, Airline or Hotels) that contains the itinerary for a passenger, or a group of passengers traveling together. PNR Status Enquiry is required as it represents your registration for that particular travel segment on a specific time through a specific flight or train; without confirmed PNR Status, you can’t proceed forward for the travel.

When a passenger books an itinerary, travel website will create a PNR in it’s CSR. In earlier days, PNR status enquiry was either done at the Enquiry counter of the station or on phone, but now, you can check your PNR status online through the website of the Travel Program.

If you frequently travel through Indian Railways and frequently need to check PNR Status for trains, you can do it online by using IRCTC website for PNR Status Enquiry.

PNR status enquiry

All you need to do PNR status Enquiry is enter the unique 10 digit PNR number printed on the top left of your train ticket and click “Get Status” – you’ll see the complete status for that PNR along with the Train Name, Extreme Stations and Booking Status. This way you can check PNR Status for any train in India to confirm their railway reservation PNR status.

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