Pinterest is fun, there is no doubt about that. If you are a Pinterest lover, you can easily spend many hours a day pinnin-repinning things up there. There are a lot of categories you may browse to discover pins, but I mostly look for fun pins, that are meant to be hilarious.

Talking about funny things on Pinterest, I think I don’t need to write much on that, so I’m just sharing the funniest pins I’ve collected from Pinterest and showcasing them right here, you may see the pin source or re-pin it directly using the links below that particular pin image. Enjoy pinning; keep discovering and laughing :)

  1. I call my bathroom Jim meme
    Naming your bathroom as “Jim” has at least one benefit :)
  2. You're next meme
    “You’re next!”
  3. I wasn't that drunk driving meme
    “Dude, I wasn’t that drunk..!”
  4. I was not drunk Mexican girl meme
    “Party was at your place..”
  5. I was not drunk Spongebob meme
    “You were drunk outta your mind..!”
  6. Woody and Buzz Toy Story meme
    “I bet they have the same names”
  7. Jealous Woman meme
    “Jealous Woman & FBI”
  8. Thai Tanic Meme
    “Thai – Tanic”
  9. Scary Clown meme
    Scary Clown, looks weird but could be hilarious to some.
  10. Twin babies meme
    The confusion of twins (She fed me twice!)
  11. Baby with parents perspective meme
    “Suffocation is generally frowned up”
  12. That face Iron man meme
    “That face you make when the person you hat is talking”
  13. Talking to yourself meme
    “Talking to yourself”
  14. How you look when meme
    How you look when…
  15. Opera cat singing with passion
    “Opera cat.. singing with passion…”
  16. Son wears Dad's pants meme
    Dad’s pants…
  17. Robot and Yoga meme
    Robot and the Yoga..
  18. Pinterest is a conspiracy meme
    Pinterest? A conspiracy? :D
  19. Cat with SmartPhone meme
    This cat loves her SmartPhone more than anything
  20. Baby scared by mirror meme
    Small baby got scared by mirror
  21. Dangerously hilarious dog
    Dangerously hilarious dog