Pinterest Pin it button is the easiest way to send or pin Web content to your pinboards. But not every website or blog has the Pin it button installed. So, you’ll gonna pin the content manually on your Pinboard, right? Do you know a more quicker way to pin anything to your Pinterest pinboard? Yes, I’m talking about the Pinterest Bookmarklet.

With the Pinterest Bookmarklet, you can pin any content on web to your pinboards, all you need is to install the Bookmarklet on your Web browser. Follow the directions to install and use Pinterest Bookmarklet to your browser:

Pinterst Bookmarklet for Web browser

The below bookmarklet which is taken from Pinterest Goodies enables you to pin any web content to your pinboards. Right-click and then Bookmark the below given bookmarklet link or simply drag the link to your Bookmarks:

Pinterest Bookmarklet

Now, whenever you need to pin something, click this bookmarklet in your bookmarks and the active webpage will be pinned to your pinboard.

Pinterest bookmarklet

Pinterest Bookmarklet for iPad, iPhone and Android

The simplest way to install the Pinterest bookmarklet on iPad or iPhone is to first bookmark it in your Computer’s Web browser (viz Firefox, Chrome or Safari), and then synchronize your iPhone or iPod touch using iTunes with your computer. Same applies with an advanced Android device.

Another way to do it on your iPad, iPhone or Android is to install manually adding custom bookmark to your mobile browser and adding the below code in the ‘address’ or ‘URL’ (web address) section:


Here’s a video demonstration on how to add Pinterest Bookmarklet to your Web or Mobile browser to pin anything right from your Computer, Tablet, SmartPhone or Mobile:

Have you added Pinterest Pin-it button to your websites and blogs to increase Pinterest traffic? If not, know how to add pin-it button.