It may sound little off-beat, but how about pinning a Bing or Google map on Pinterest? Wouldn’t it be a cool idea to share your home or business place with your Pinterest followers?

Pinterest is known for the beautiful pins all around, but you may feel the need to pin a map, to tell your network about your location, especially when you hold a business. The reason why this small idea is good for businesses is that re-pins may get you more reach, hence, more customers on your awesome workplace – yes, it is possible!

So, how can I pin a map on Pinterest?

Google and Bing maps are two most popular ways to see maps and locate places, so we’ll be using one of these two services to pin places on Pinterest. So, lets pin a map!

The pin image will be the map extracted from the map site (i.e. Google or Bing). The two sites don’t have a pin-it button on them, so stop searching for that – we’ll be making use of Pinterest bookmarklet.

1. Install the Pinterest bookmarklet, open the map (I’ve used Google Maps here), locate your position and click the bookmarklet.

Pin a map on Pinterest

2. Clicking the bookmarklet will pop an image grid, just choose the right map image from there, and pin it to any of your desired board.

Pinning a map on Pinterest

3. We can see that our pinned map doesn’t have the link to our map, and we want it to get linked to the map so that other people can see it in real time. So, lets quickly add the map link to it: click on your pin to view it full, again click on the pencil icon at the bottom of your pin. Now, put the map link in the source text box and save.

Editing a Pin

That’s it! See below how a pinned map looks like:

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P. S.: I’ve done a quick video screencast on this topic, watch it here.